Henry Hyde, aspiring Professor

Email Adress
Career Goals

More than anything else I would like to teach others in college. I would like to share my love for stories and the great gift they can be to improve ones perceptions of themselves and their environment, I would like to share what is great about the greatest works of litterature and dive with my students into the theories of how they work. But before being able to teach I will have to climb the challenging and multifaced mountain of literature, learning all about the different eras, their proclivities and adversions, condensing them all with the help of different literary theorist into a comprehensive view of mankind gaining along the way ideas as to its future progession. A truly facinating ideal. Otherwise, if the PhD does not come along as planned, I may seek to enter into some sort of litterary profession, publishing, publication, or art dealing.


I believe myself to have excellent interpersonal skills and certainly value all possible opinions when it comes to an issue at hand and seek to incorporate and benefit everyone on the team for the sake of the team. I am a hardworker who is not opposed to leading the way.

Work Experience

Time Name Location Position Title Responsibilities Contact info
Two years Jeff's Golden Gate Exxon 1200 Golden Gate Dr. Greensboro, NC Pump Attendant Pump gas, wash car windows, stock drinks and snacks, clean bays and bathrooms Jeff Robinson 336-583-4423
Two years Golden Pizza and Subs 1350 Golden Gate Dr. Greensboro, NC Cook Prep work and production of Pizza and Samwhiches, Included training new staff towards the end Closed
One summer Elizabeth's Italian Resturant 1600 West Battleground Rd. Greensboro, NC Waiter Cleaning, Salad Prep, Waiting on tables Frank Bensali 336-677-3433
Spring 2020 - Present NC State Cashier's Office 1100 Dan Allen Dr. Raleigh, NC Student Accounts Representative Answering calls from parents and students regarding account issues and finding solution Melisha Hymen 919-398-9787

Hobbies and Interests

  • Sports: Watching and playing basketball and soccer
  • Music: Listening to all sorts of music and playing my guitar
  • Reading: All sorts of fiction and non-fiction; Poetry, Novels, Histories, and Philosophies


  • Professor James Grimwood, NCSU, email Grimwood@ncsu.edu
  • Manager at Jeff's Golden Gate Wesesly Solomon, 336-331-7454
  • Manager at NCSU Cashier's Office Melisha Hyment. email Mihymen@ncsu.edu