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My Name is Henry and on this site you will find all the reasons to want to hire me, date me, and be my friend

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"Knowledge is a Powerful thing" - a wise man

I study Reading, Writing, and Rhetoric at North Carolina State University, a major that sounds very impressive if you say it slowly and with emphasis applied to each word. The work deals in all that is communication, and therein lies my attraction. I was homeschooled before joining a diverse public high-school with a population exceeding 2,000 students at the time which gave rise to a quite a few questions bubbling around my mind: How people come across to eachother, how one identifies a person of interest, a potential friend, important portions of a lecture, and a funny joke all perplexed me at first and ever since has been a topic of great interest to me. The entire gamut of this issue is the subject of my studies. I find particularly interesting presentation of Political and Social issues, whether presented in speach or print, and to offset the at times dullness of such things, I engage with Poetry quite a bit at State as well.

Free Time

In my free time I engage most often with music. Whether it be listening to albums, playing my guitar, or hovering over the shoulder of my music producer pal, I always have a good time. Otherwise you can find me playing or watching basketball, and to round out the list, my friend has recently twisted my arm to get Overwatch on my PC and I have been enjoying it quite a bit.

Career Aspiration

I hope to go to graduate school and truly dive into the art and application of Rhetoric. This however is a long shot for me, more than likely I will enter into the full-time working world upon graduation in some form of comnsumer content, perhaps newswork. I then plan to work my way into publishing, eventually owning and oppurating my own publishing house. Of course, if I were to go to a prestiguis graduate insitution, and yes I am appealing to proffesors and others of influence to champion my case, then I would enter into the wild wacky world of Public Policy.


I have none, but am working on it lol